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  1. I encourage EVERYONE to find an outstanding youtube video I just watched. Absolutely BRILLIANT! The evidence Against Hunter Biden is not in question. 14 sources, about 6 video clips. Extremely well organized and documented in a way that is extremely understandable.

    Pam Bondi is brilliant. She was one of the GOP's lawyers at the Trump impeachment trial. Please view it and then pass this information along to someone else. There is a treasure trove of evidence in this video … makes Democrats during the impeachment look awful.

    The corrupt Biden enterprise MUST be stopped! Key words in the subject title are "Pam Bondi" and "Biden Corruption." Please view.

  2. Why not take it a step further ? At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist , here goes .

    Virus came from China , China owns Biden . Our Economy was BOOMING !! Not many people vote against a successful administration that’s ushered in prosperity! A largely non lethal virus is unleashed on the world in hopes to destroy the economy , to undo the record low unemployment , etc ..

    We’ve already proven the Democrats will do ANYTHING to win. Isn’t it about time to realize your life and livelihood mean nothing to the Democrats and that if your death as a voter can help the Democrat cause they will gladly sacrifice you or your grandparents to achieve their goals ! Look what Cuomo did .. He stuffed infected people into nursing homes to raise the number of deaths . He condemned them all to die !

    But vote Democrat .. because it makes so much sense to vote for someone that’s promised everything for 47 years over someone who’s produced actual results in less than 4 years !!

    TRUMP 2020 !!

  3. The Try Guys recently went political and endorsed Joe Biden. A channel who is for pure entertainment, trying new things, and breaking commonly believed stereotypes, felt their message was important and needed to get it out. I like that. What I don’t like, besides who they endorsed, is the fact they MONETIZED their video. That is literally the most Capitalist American move.

    I don’t like either candidates. If there weren’t three options, I would honestly not even vote most likely. Thank god there was a third option that I could stand behind. If push came to shove though, I would begrudgingly pick Trump over Biden.