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  1. Is Crescent ANSI thanks she’s the only negotiator there is in the world do you notice he said but they’re not negotiators wait don’t look like she’s a very good negotiator she don’t know a good deal when she sees mine says she’s on hurting the people and I think the congressman Democrats could over vote her and pass it anyway and that what Congress does they don’t need her alley need is a majority to overrule her why are they doing it so I see the whole house of Congress under a buck Democrat side is the ones that are help her hold up the deal so there is guilty as she is they could make the the Deal

  2. I'm not a doctor, but I think Nancy has a palsy of some sort. She can't seem to steady herself, unless she's shaking with rage! The sad thing is, when she's kicked out of office, she'll still have millions of taxpayers dollars in her accounts! Is there a way to sue congresspeople for failure to do their jobs? Sure would be nice!

  3. She is scarey, what if :she is third in line to be president, let’s say Biden wins, he is not fit to be president she pulls the 25 amendment on Biden and that puts Harris to be president and what if she turns it down, that puts pelosi to be president! Isn’t that a scarey thought! God help us,

  4. Pelosi: … 'a check with his name on it'. This woman cannot open her mouth without rancor. These people have been running cover for the Democrats and their bad decisions and corruption; but ask her/them one question, and she says, '… you're always an apologist for the Republican position.' No humanity here. She just created a lot of Trump supporters.

  5. She's must be insane. The Presidents name won't be on the stimulus checks, it'll be the secretary of the Treasury. She's not holding out for Feb, she's holding out for after the election, that's all. Unless she can get all that crap she wanted in her version with the voting crap and bailout for the Democrat heavily in debt cities. Wolf your stock just went up in my eyes now. The left will use you and throw you under the bus the moment you ask a legit question.