Joe Biden should start receiving intelligence briefings because it is ”the right and moral thing to do,” with a delay in that process threatening to damage U.S. national security, President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly told two news outlets Friday.

In an interview with Politico, Kelly warned that ”you lose a lot if the transition is delayed because the new people are not allowed to get their head in the game.”

”The president, with all due respect, does not have to concede. But it’s about the nation. It hurts our national security because the people who should be getting [up to speed], it’s not a process where you go from zero to 1,000 miles per hour.”

On Friday night, Kelly said in a statement to CNN that beginning the briefings process was also the ”right and moral thing” to do.

”The current administration does not have to concede, but it should do the right thing just in case the constitutional system declares they lost,” Kelly stated.

”It is not about the GOP or the Democrat Party. It is not about the president or about Mr. Biden. It is about America and what is best for our people. Mr. Trump should order the transition process [to] begin immediately. It is the right and moral thing to do.”

Kelly, a retired four-star Marine Corps general, served as Trump’s chief of staff from July 2017 to early January 2019. But Trump lost patience with his strict management style and Kelly grew exasperated trying to reign in the president, Politico noted.

”Mr. Trump doesn’t have to concede if he doesn’t want to, I guess, until the full election process is complete,” Kelly told Politico.

”But there’s nothing wrong with starting the transition, starting to get people like the national security people, obviously the president and the vice president-elect, if they are in fact elected, to start getting them [up to speed] on the intelligence,” he said.

”The transition, in the national security realm in particular and the homeland security realm, is just so important that every day that the transition is delayed really kind of handicaps” the new team, he told Politico.

“The delay in transitioning is an increasing national security and health crisis,” he wrote in his statement to CNN.

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