Moments ago, President Trump announced an opening of relations between Sudan and Israel, building upon a breakthrough of diplomatic ties between the Jewish state and Gulf Arab nations that have traditionally shunned Israel over its conflict with the Palestinians.




  1. Listen to the whole video carefully. I know Ethiopia wasn't happy about what he said but he was talking reality. He tells things harshly but he speaks the truth. He is trying to prevent bloodshed. He is the first president in 70 years that hasn't started a war and, on top of that, he is pulling out troops all over the place. He has brokered peace deals with North Korea and Iran. Help me understand, what is it with the hate for this guy? I just don't get it.

  2. They gave Barack Obama a Nobel Prize for no apparent reason at all!! Just like to give the Pulitzer Prize to the wrong news networks and the wrong newscasters!! It is a shame we should be embarrassed in the world that people see that Trump is doing right doing good trying to bring peace and he has not gotten that Nobel Prize even though he's been suggested for the prize three times Barack Obama got it within the first hit felt like within 5 months or something swear it was so fast that's great! Bunch of bull Jager Trump should get it

  3. Mr. President, in your press conference, you are trying to be a hero to stop The Bad relationship beteween Sudan and Isreal, on the other side, you are trying to initiate war beteween Ethiopia and Egypt. It is unacceptale. I recomende you to read the History of the great nation Ethiopia. The Dam belongs to every Ethiopian citizen. What you do not undererstad is that, the water stays not Ethiopia, however, it continues to flow to Egypt. Ethiopian wants to develop, nobody stop that. I appreciate the reaction of Priminister of Sudan about your attitude towards the Dam. It is an African issue, it needs an African solution

  4. It’s a hydroelectric dam. It doesn’t stop the water from flowing; after generating power it keeps going to the Nile. Like any other sovereign countries, Ethiopia has every right to use it’s own natural resources. More than 65% of the population in Ethiopia still live without light. Many mothers in Ethiopia walk up to ten miles to collect fire wood just to cook for their families.It’s totally injustice to impose a deal at the expense of millions of Ethiopians lives.Ethiopians deserve to live a better life too. ” ..blow up the dam..”” such instigation is not expected from the president of a great nation. I don’t think Ethiopia will simply watch when its dam is blown up.

  5. Remember almost 4 years ago the spring after he first got into office, he went over and there was a meeting with all the leaders of most of the Muslim world, but the cameras were on for the rest of the world to see, and he basically made that statement saying that there are two futures we face, and in the past America has come in and tried making that choice for you, no longer can we or will we do that, we leave it to you to decide what future is best for you, your people, and your families. Drive out the (Tr-ists) from your countries, only you can do this and you must make the choice to unite together to do so, America can not be involved.

    …looks like the results are in. 6+ countries and counting, making deals based on making landscapes for opportunity, for trade and business between countries, not war and nation building.

  6. I really got to say this this is funny you really think somebody's going for this b***** you laying at the desk and got them knuckleheads standing around you clapping and smiling and you doing all these wonderful things really really you doing all this great stuff in Israel and Sudan and and and and Russia and and and you got all these great relationship with North Korea and the Arabs but yet you won't give your own people assistance at a time when they need to buy food and pay they rent and feed their children that's a hell of a look right now

  7. An actor puts on a hell of a show doesn't he months ago you was talking about you didn't want nobody there from these s*** hole countries in the United States and why are we helping these s*** hold countries remember that came out your mouth now it's time for the election you want to jump on the phone and act like you got peace around the world and you don't a great job now we have any TV is a b** it really is