Democrat operative Stacey Abrams’ contested gubernatorial loss in 2018 set the wheels of election “conspiracy” into motion, according to presidential political strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

“The absence of signature verification is not happenstance,” Morris told host Rob Schmitt on Saturday night. “It shows the depth and the length of this conspiracy.

Stacey Abrams’ 2018 challenge to her gubernatorial loss she never conceded wound up having the state of Georgia “signing a consent decree, promising to never to do signature verification again, which Abrams claimed was part of a suppression of the vote strategy,” according to Morris.

“As a result, they legally are not allowed to see if the votes are illegal.”

President Donald Trump’s election challenge’s legal hurdles have been more of a roller coaster, Morris added.

“I was optimistic, then I was not, and now I am again,” Morris concluded. “The vote counting itself is one dimension, and that’s good. I think we can break through some of these barriers and start getting some votes for Trump and might even flip Georgia and Wisconsin. Arizona is more difficult, because they won’t let us recount.”

“But the Dominion scandal is acquiring legs on its own,” he added, referring to Dominion Election System software used in a number of states, including Georgia and Michigan. “This is the idea of the Chinese communists really meddling in our election big time – not a few posts on social media like Russia did – but actually jimmying and cooking the count.”

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