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  1. Joe Biden is a crook, a liar, corrupt and while shipping jobs to China, has enriched himself. He is not fit to be president. He continues to say he has been in the senate for 180 years and that he is running for the senate. Worst is the constant abuse by media Giants like Tweeter, Face Book, CNN, and Fake News etc ho willfully cover up for Biden and in the process deceive the American people. Abuse Of Freedom of The Press. With your vote, corruption can be stopped. KEEP BIDEN and KAMALA LA MALA OUT OF THE WHHTE HOUSE! KEEP AMERICA FIRST! VOTE TRUMP!

  2. Hunter will be one fine
    " Cell Bitch " ..
    Oh Hunter.. you will be loved
    Every day , every night , doing
    those under privelaged prisoners..
    Don' t forget to pickup the soap !
    Your old man.. joe will be looked
    after really well..
    In prison .. no one hears you
    …. " SCREAM " ….

  3. All these scumbag politicians are laughing all the way to the bank, why? Because they know nothing will happen. Even if recorded footage of them was found explicitly implicating them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, and aired for all to see they will get away with it with very little problem.