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  1. Gridlock in Washington is hardening as the twin crises that have defined 2020 are rapidly worsening, with coronavirus cases setting fresh records and the economy beginning to stall again as millions remain out of work.

    Just over two weeks before Election Day, America’s most pressing challenges are being exacerbated by its preexisting political paralysis, with Washington beset by partisan bickering and dysfunction.

    Attempts to deliver a stimulus package have faltered in recent days as President Trump’s erratic approach to governing and Democrats’ eagerness to press a political advantage have repeatedly clashed at the negotiating table. The result has been a historic failure of the nation’s political class to mount a response to an approaching catastrophe, according to historians, public health experts, economists and lawmakers of both parties.

  2. Isn't Mao Zedong the chinese dictator responsible for the "Great Leap Foward" that ended up killing/starving an estimated 30 mil (at least 26 mil) of his people in his endeavour to "create a utopian country"? (Just for reference, the holocaust death toll was around 6 mil)