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  1. I'm as well as half of our population is so sick of the false accusations. The President did a fantastic job with covid. Joe would of left the borders open to China. No one was denied medical care. Thats bogus. You dems are the most thick headed idiots. How anyone can support your stupidity is daft as well. For 400th time no one is taking preexisting conditions away. GOT IT? You can be shown proof and still proceed with your non sense. Kamal toe didnt you accuse Joe of being racist at dem Primary? He sure had a lot to say about you and your herendous record. You 2 are bottom of the barrel and in a position thats way over your ski's. If you didn't have the media in your back pocket all of your lies would be exposed. How about the multi millionaire crack head Hunter? Get on the short bus you came in on and get the hell out. 2020 ticket Perverted Senile Joe And Kamal Toe who puts all black men in prison. A real cee you next Tuesday

  2. Aren't Kamala And Amy Legislators? Could someone tell me what bills they have put forward that would help these people maintain their health care in the event that the ACA is repealed. Maybe they should spend more time doing their job and less time pandering. It is the job of the house and the senate to make laws, not the supreme court. Why are they berating this nominee over what they should be doing? If they did their job, then the supreme court would not have to deal with this at all. If the president can put forth an executive order on preexisting conditions, then that leads me to believe that some lawmaker can do the same in a bill.