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  1. So I left a comment three weeks ago asking if anyone had a copy of Breonna Taylor’s record or Walker’s record. No one could find a copy. This is because neither of them have a criminal
    history. On top of this, the police officers involved in this case lied to obtain the warrant. They lied when they said that the post office worker told them they found or knew that there were drugs in the packages to Taylor’s house. The post office themselves have said they have no confirmation. This is a problem because this was a factor that contributed to the LPD getting the warrant. The whole case itself is a mess; the officers that lied to obtain this warrant need to be charged, and I hope an appeal results in this. The police had no business being there in the first place, and if anyone would like to talk about the case, I would be willing to provide sources to this claim.

  2. The whole situation is messed up. But I think the police department is taking accountability for what happened which is not bad. I feel like if she was as big as a criminal as you say. Show up to her work or while she’s grocery shopping. Process of elimination when it comes to anyone getting harmed. Officers or criminals.

  3. Ok. This might not sit well with people. But how is this different than a terrorist blowing themself up. First to get 70 virgins. Second their family being taken care of. So these uneducated kids in the getho now will see this as their poor parents will get paid if they get shot by the cops. !!!!!!

  4. Welp, this video just kind of proves everything that I am going to say:

    I am sorry, Brandon Tatum. I am losing hope in the police. I am starting to agree with defunding the police. If we all owned guns, then we wouldn't need cops in the first place. The mayors are a big issue in this too. This is why the democrats want to take away our guns, so they can force us to "trust" these so-called cops to "protect" us. We are on our own in this fight. No one should be arrested just for SINGING A HYMN outside for your religion. Wtf is this bullshit?

    America is not the same anymore. We will have to fight eventually to bring it back to the way it was.

    Most cops don't work with our constitutional rights in mind. We need a brand new system that remains loyal to our constitution NO MATTER WHAT. I heard Sheriffs are pretty loyal to the constitution… so I suppose we should just rely on them in the most dangerous of times.

    I really hope you are able to change my mind with this, though. Cops are a necessary evil from the info I've been finding. But maybe you will be able to prove me wrong. I don't know anymore…

  5. So a family loses their daughter due to bad police work you don't want the officers to face any consequences and you don't want her family getting compensation for the police messing up, you're truly a double talking disgusting individual justifying her death, mind you there's no evidence whatsoever against her being involved in any crime,nothing was find and the warrant was based on a lie

  6. Almost was going to give this channel a chance but the obvious stupidity of ignoring the existence of “white privilege” makes me suspect of anything else coming from this guy’s mouth. If there are laws to ensure equal rights to a specific race…there is a privilege.