Team Rising shares their thoughts on the media’s coverage of the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden. They also discuss how Joe Biden responded to questions about his son during the presidential debate.

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  1. Does anyone really think that if there were actual evidence of corruption in Don Jr.’s dealings in “hotels” that the press wouldn’t have covered the hell out of it? They’ve already had to invent crimes allegedly committed by the Trump family which leads me to believe that no evidence exists.

  2. The irony is that the only reason they went after Trump for his phone call with the Ukrainian President is because he was asking some very inconvenient questions about Biden’s corruption relating to Burisma. As was proven, there was nothing wrong or unethical about that phone call.

  3. Biden is an f'ing liar. During the impeachment, Biden was not described as "behaving impeccably." His behavior was described as "a shocking conflict of interest." What is the hell is wrong with this guy? He lies in front of millions of people and couldn't care less.

  4. Democrat whistleblowers – no face, no name, anonymous, yet believed by
    Democrats & Liberals . Republican whistleblowers – have a face,
    name, videos & pictures, statements, hard drives, laptops and
    phones. Democrats and liberals are not only blind, but won’t even report
    on it. See the problem here???

  5. No one is talking about Hunter Biden because NOTHING IS VERIFIED. FOX dangles this crap….and 70% chance nothing is true… if it is true………… doesn't compare to the absolute corruption going on in the White House now. No administration in history has ever had to sign an NDA??? 220 Administration indictment. 8 books, 10 whistleblowers, his entire family is employed by US Taxpayer…he spend 200MM playing golf at his own courses after bashing OBAMA for 8 years. The Hypocrisy is OVERWELMING!!

  6. Biden has lied so many years he is not capable of telling the Truth. He doesn’t he doesn’t know how to tell the truth because he thrives on lies like a spoiled child. That is why he has lieing to the American about being president. Him and pelosi planed from the start by pushing him for president when they knew he is not capable of doing the job but harris is not capable of runing our country. She is not smart enough to run our country. It will go to the dogs.She is a nobody that protected illegals as long as they paid her they got to stay in our country