Some states are using science to guide their decisions and cautiously beginning to relax their lockdowns. But power-drunk politicians in the other half of the country are tightening their lockdowns even now. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Yall should take a look at Hungary, no immigration problems, no covid issues, no killings, very low crime…
    And still a left who claims everyone to be racist and acts through violence IF they feel they dare, which often they don't.
    The left is what it is…
    Split the US in 2 so atleast half can live in peace!

  2. Fahrenheit 451 read the book watch the movie it's a road map to destruction and Devastation of a country it's step by step what you see today. Socialism is a polite way of saying communism. So to this I say God Bless America may she stands strong and shine always and remember the Alamo.

  3. You can't win either way. If he opens all things and the spike goes up they blame him, if he try to enforce rules to keep people safe they blame him. The wet sand is not a great statement , but yes we should listen to scientist.
    The situation should be wear mask in buildings and open areas like bleach and parks should be by choice because of the hot weather.
    Republicans have the house and are doing nothing except talking about Democrats trying to keep states safe, but what are Republicans answer work, yes people should work but it needs to be about rules for companies so that people are safe. Republicans want law and order for riots you should apply law and order logic for work safety as well..

  4. To all the black people that might read this, know that I as a white women, will not criticize you based off the color of your skin. I know that there are good and bad people in all colors. Have a good day and God bless! Rise above this and live your life!

  5. We are too different and instead of embracing our differences, we are purposely hurting each other. The United States needs to be split. Into 2 or 4 countries. Then again 3 might be best since Democrats are acting like socialists. I would love to live under a Libertarian government.

    3 country split – Republican. Libertarian. Socialists.

    4 country split – Libertarian. Republican. Democrat. Socialists
    2 country split- Republican. Democrat.