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  1. I live in a Cleveland suburb. Here's the thing about Tamir Rice. It isn't so much about what the police did as how they did it. These two guys almost literally jumped out of their car with guns drawn ready to shoot first and ask questions later. They had a car to protect them. They didn't have to shoot when they did. I am not anti-cop but in too many instances just a moment of thought could have prevented untold tragedy. I know that isn't easy in the heat of the moment. But, they are supposedly trained to maintain their cool.

  2. Democrat Elite and blacks voting democrat at 80%+ is what happened to America, giving one party dominance over blacks is a recipe for a African type political system full of corruption. We are seeing it play out, the 1st half black President leaves office starting a Coup against his successor…African style.

  3. I love that you all are out here educating people on the truth in these cases. I discussed this matter about Breonna Taylor and George Floyd with my sisters and I told them they can check the tatum report and see why they were serving a warrant at her house and that George Floyd was resisting and he died from drugs and they got mad at me because I was telling them the truth because I did my research because I felt the same way that they felt at first but I prayed for God to let me see the truth and I thank you all for bringing the truth.

  4. My Late father was born on November 11, 1918. He joined the Army on February 12, 1940 @ 21 years old. He served in the North African Campaign fighting against Rommel. After the war was over he was transferred to Germany in January 1946 helping with the rebuilding efforts of Germany. On July 10, 1950 he was transferred to Fort MacArthur, California then 3 days latter he was in the Korean War. After the War in Korean War ended in July 1953 he moved back to the States stationed at Fort Hood, Fort Bragg and retiring during the Vietnam War in July 1965 @ Fort Benning, Ga. at 47 years old! I remember him always telling me " Son, I've been through a lot and Ive seen a lot and fought along side a many of Good men from many of good countries but don't you ever trust them Chinese " Now I see what he Meant"

  5. George Kirby is the name Nancy Pelosi called George Floyd in her pandering nonsense. Just showed how much she doesn't GAF. Another YouTuber, Salty Cracker, uses Pelosi name for Floyd but we, The Salty Army, know the deal; THE HYPOCRISY OF THE LEFT.
    Salty Cracker's a fan of all y'all, especially ABL.

  6. I'm done! China owns the MSM, PEDOWOOD, NBA, NFL and MLB! F pro sports and movies.! Vote with your $$$.Seige tactics have won more wars than bloodshed! MSM, PEDOWOOD and Dem Elites have blood on their hands. Time to take aim at the source, not the useful idiots (minions.) High school drop out Lebron James is a confused child. It's his handlers (Barry Soetoro, Soros) fault !!


    = Big Brother / Room 101 = destitution.
    Feminism / SJW
    = Big Mama / Room 102 = penilectomy.

    Big Brother typically comes out on top, but not without Big Mama creating hell for everyone ~ better an insecurity-led Armageddon than a bombastically-led one? = OMFG !!

    Prof Jordan B Peterson is a Patriarchy Denier, and he doesn't understand the war of the sexes, nor gender type proliferation.

    We need Ethical Capitalism, aka Capitalism devoid of all Patriarchy, and so no need for anyone to feel oppressed !!

    And let's let go of this fairness / equality obsession, and agree there IS some need for SOME AGREED LEVEL OF EQUALISATION, e.g. women should get 'free money' for the inconvenience and disruption of carrying a child and giving birth to it (so long as this doesn't lead to over-population), and men should be supported in not having to work at all if they don't want to (if there's nothing in it for them), and blacks should get a helping hand where this results in them becoming self-supporting entrepreneurs (or simply for proving they are not drug-dealers nor rapists), and gender-benders should be given 'free money' to shut the fuck up !!

    Prof Peterson, or one of his enablers, needs to talk to me pronto ….
    Martin Camden +44 7423 695 643
    or HealOurLove@gmail.com !!