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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said her Policy Address, which she will deliver on November 25, contains 200 new proposed measures and initiatives involving support from the Mainland.


Mrs Lam made the remarks ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning.


She pointed out that the Policy Address, which was originally scheduled to be delivered on October 14, was postponed to allow her time to seek the central government’s support for proposals to aid Hong Kong’s recovery.


“I’m not consulting Beijing on the Policy Address. I am compiling my own Policy Address as the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


“It is clear to everyone that if we want our economy to bounce back, there is no better place than the Mainland of China for us to tap into because other parts of the world are still struggling with the pandemic, with high unemployment, with economic slowdown and so on.


“So a couple of months ago, I have put to the central government a list of issues that I feel are important to help Hong Kong’s economy to revive.”


Mrs Lam added these may not be immediate measures, but they will help Hong Kong’s economy grow and give residents more confidence during this difficult time.

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