The COVID-19 epidemic is a public health crisis and the Government will, if needed, consider taking measures to enable the emergency use of vaccines with proven safety and efficacy.


The Food & Health Bureau made the statement in response to an inaccurate online media report about the bureau’s claim that COVID-19 vaccines developed and approved for use in the Mainland cannot be used in Hong Kong’s healthcare system.


The Government regretted the report which created a biased image that Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s regulatory system for pharmaceutical products was prejudiced against Mainland vaccines.


The bureau said a two-pronged strategy is being adopted to procure vaccines that meet the criteria of safety, efficacy and quality for Hong Kong people.


It noted Hong Kong’s regulatory framework and registration system for pharmaceutical products are long-established and have been effective.


The relevant regulatory regime is generic in nature and is applicable to all pharmaceutical products provided and used in Hong Kong, including vaccines, the bureau added.

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