RM of boy band Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS paid a visit to an art exhibition called “Moment of ㄱ” (giyeok, the first letter of hangeul or the Korean alphabet), which is held to mark the 100th anniversary of Chosun Ilbo.

RM, a self-confessed art lover, closely looked around all the corners of the exhibition and wrote a message to King Sejong the Great, who is credited with inventing hangeul, in Korean calligraphy.

It hangs on the 3rd floor at the Hangaram Art Museum in the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul.

RM said “I was very impressed with [the late video art pioneer] Paik Nam-june’s media art, and petroglyphs from Cheonjeon-ri, a small town of Ulsan.” He added, “The handwriting of Korean poetry from Gokseong, a small town of South Jeolla Province, also touched my heart. Because grandmothers wrote it, and they learned how to write in Korean when they were over 80 years old.”

RM of Bangtan Boys hangs a scroll on the wall of an exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center on Sunday.

The special exhibition is the largest ever of hangeul as art. It runs until Feb. 28 and displays some 100 works by 47 artists including paintings, installations and calligraphy.

It completes a campaign to promote hangeul conducted by Chosun Ilbo since last year.

RM of BTS looks at artworks at the Seoul Arts Center on Sunday.

RM’s visit gave the exhibition a welcome boost among the media and fans, known as the “Army,” who tweeted about it in many languages.

RM once said that his father’s love for art rubbed off on him. Asked at a press event on Nov. 20 if he wanted to become an artist, he said, “My father was so talented in drawing that he dreamed of becoming a cartoonist, but I don’t think I have the gift. I just want to focus on what I’m doing as a member of BTS.”

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