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The Government today announced that social distancing measures will be tightened starting from December 2 due to the development of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.


Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon.


She said the new wave of the outbreak has hit the city very quickly, adding that more stringent measures are required to curb the virus’ spread.


“Every day, we have been monitoring the situation and we have already announced measures that we adopted in the past to deal with this pandemic.


“So, I wouldn’t say that we have reacted too slowly. If you ask me, individual measures have been introduced in the same manner or even in an accelerated manner than the previous wave.”


Mrs Lam pointed out that more premises have to be closed from Wednesday for two weeks.


“We are now closing everything, almost everything, except the restaurants because they are meeting the daily needs of the people.


“We are allowing a little bit of gym activities because people need these sorts of things to keep themselves healthy, whether physically or mentally.”


Only a maximum of two people will be allowed to exercise together, or sit together at one table at catering business premises, Mrs Lam added.

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