Geraldo Rivera urged President Donald Trump on Monday to stop pushing doubts about election integrity in Georgia or risk Republicans losing control of the Senate.

“I think that the president is on the wrong course here,” Rivera told Fox News’ “The Story” with Martha McCallum.” “I think he’s got to take a real gut check between now and Saturday, with all due respect, and you know I love the guy, but enough is enough now.”

Trump is scheduled to appear at a rally in Georgia on Saturday in support of Sens. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., and David Perdue, R-Ga. Both face tough runoff races Jan. 5 after failing to get 50% of the vote in the Nov. 3 general election.

If both lose their races, the house will be split 50-50, with the tie broke by the vice president. If that is Kamala Harris, Democrats have the majority.

That is the feared scenario among many in the party as more and more states certify their results in favor of Democrat Joe Biden. Trump is challenging the results in several close states, but has lost in court despite his legal team’s claims of a massive voter fraud.

Already, there appears to be evidence some Georgia voters might be taking the claims of fraud to heart and seeing no point in voting. In recent days, a voter asked Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel during a press conference what the point of voting was since the election already had been decided.

McDaniel urged the voter to go to the polls because, she said, the election has not been decided yet.

Rivera said he understands the hurt Trump feels from the election, but added, “This is the job he has now as the head of the GOP, as the commander in chief of the country – he’s got to rally the voters in Georgia.”

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