REPORTER 1: “— to overturn Michigan’s highly controversial ban on indoor dining. This as Covid-19 infection rates and fatality rates continue to surge statewide.”

REPORTER 2: “This of course follows the lawsuit brought on by the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association. News Channel 3’s Tarvarious Haywood joins us live in Portage with the details on why the judge said no. Tarvarious, is everything okay?”
MORRIS: “My government leaders have abandoned me.”
HAYWOOD: “Are you — are you the owner?”
MORRIS: “Four trillion dollars of stimulus money, and they gave it to who? Special interest groups and campaign donors. I’m Dave Morris, I own the place.”
HAYWOOD: “So what’s going on?”
MORRIS: “What’s going on? You know what’s going on.”
HAYWOOD: “Tell me. You tell me.”
MORRIS: “Hey, we got a government that has taken the stimulus money, they gave it to special campaign donors, they gave it to special interests. They abandoned me and they have put me in a position where I have to fight back, okay?”
HAYWOOD: “So do you feel that this is the right thing to do?”
MORRIS: “Absolutely. I feel everybody needs to stand up. Hey, listen. There was enough money to give every family, every family in this country $20,000 to go home for two months. They chose to give it to special interests and campaign donors, the Kennedy Space Center, and they abandoned us. You could’ve given me money, I’d plan to walk away for 60 days and let this virus settle down. I’m not going to do it alone, okay?”
HAYWOOD: “Are you going to continue to violate the state’s orders and stay open?”
MORRIS: “This isn’t a state order, this isn’t an order, this is a conspiracy, this is a tyranny.”
HAYWOOD: “What do you want to tell other restaurant owners who —“
MORRIS: “Wake up! Stand up! This is America. Be free. I got patriots coming out and supporting me last two days. You know what, it’s a great thing. Wake up, this is America. Don’t let them ramrod you. This is crazy. When you turn around and you watch what’s going on on Westnedge Avenue, the big department stores, the train station, the airport, side by side eating meals for four hours, then you’re going to blame me? Come on. Come on. This is not right and you guys know it. Everybody knows it. Stand up, America. Give us the money to shut this thing down and calm this virus, but don’t take it out on us [inaudible].”
HAYWOOD: “Is there anything else you want to add, sir?”
MORRIS: “That’s it, brother. I’m glad you listened to me. Thank you.”
HAYWOOD: “The entire state of Michigan just listened to you, you’re live on TV right now.”
MORRIS: “All right, I’m glad to hear that. I’m really a good guy. I’ve been married 38 years, I’ve got a wife, three kids, I got four great — let me tell you something. I got a good life and I’ve worked hard for it. I’m not giving up easily. I’m not going down alone. They want me to go down and be quiet, they never want to hear from me again, I’m not going to put up with it. It’s time to rise up. Time to rise up. Shut it all down, but don’t shut any of us down. That’s the only way to get control of a virus. And believe me, governor can say all day long that there is no such thing as surface contact. This is a virus, come on. Go over there and sneeze on a package that you’re going to buy for Christmas, have somebody else come behind you by 30 seconds that didn’t know you sneezed —“

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