At least 7,000 people in Arizona were asked to retake COVID-19 tests because a local lab wasn’t able to keep up with the demand, reports ABC15.

EmbryHealth, one of the biggest testing providers in the state, said a lab in Mesa had completed just 2,000 of 9,000 tests and sent out a text message Thursday to people with outstanding results recommending they be retested because of “extreme unanticipated delays.”

“To ensure you receive results we now recommend being retested,” read the text. “All locations will accommodate patients needing a new test without an appointment. Please inform staff on-site that you did not receive your results and need to be retested. The former lab has been replaced and is no longer used. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for trusting us with your health.”

Arizona continues to see a surge in positive COVID-19 cases. The state on Friday reported 7,635 new infections and 142 deaths from the novel coronavirus, bringing the total to 442,671 positive tests and 7,819 deaths.

EmbryHealth ended its partnership with the lab and told ABC15 it was “important that we take accountability for the specimens and the lives of our patients.”

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