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I have prepared a medium-term cryptocurrency forecast based on Elliott wave analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and Ripple. I offer trading signals for each cryptocurrency pair.

Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are forming final impulse waves in the global zigzags.

The article covers the following subjects:

Elliott wave Bitcoin analysis

The BTCUSD daily timeframe displays the structure of the bullish impulse that has been developing for more than three years. In March 2020, corrective wave 4, composed of three sub-waves [W]-[X]-[Y], successfully completed. Next, the price started rising in the upward wave 5 that is unfolding as a five-impulse. The first four legs of wave 5 seem to have completed, and the price is running up in the final wave [5]. Let us study the chart structure in more detail.

As it is clear from the eight-hour timeframe, wave [5] is an impulse, where four legs out of five have finished. After the corrective wave (4) ended, the price rose sharply in the final wave (5). If bulls continue driving the price up, there should be shaping the final impulse 5 that will conclude the entire wave (5) at a level of around 50000.00. Therefore, one could enter long trades in the current situation.

Trading plan for BTCUSD for the week:

Buy 33108.00, TP 50000.00

Elliott wave Ethereum analysis

The ETHUSD market must be forming a simple zigzag A-B-C, which started in 2017. The first two legs of this global pattern have completed. Wave A is a bullish impulse, and correction B is a bearish triple zigzag. There is now developing the final impulse wave C, namely its final wave [5]. Let us explore its structure in more detail in the eight-hour timeframe.

It is clear that after the corrective wave [4] ended, the market has started rising. Over the past few months, the four legs of the impulse wave [5] have completed. The price is rapidly rising in the final wave (5). The market should hit level 1450.00, which is a little higher than the previous high marked by wave A. An approximate trajectory of the Ethereum future price movement is outlined in the chart. One could enter purchases under the current conditions.

Trading plan ETHUSD for the week:

Buy 1000.49, TP 1450.00

Elliott wave Litecoin analysis

The LTCUSD market situation is similar to that of ETHUSD. The market is forming a simple zigzag A-B-C, with the two sub-waves completed inside: the bullish impulse A and the bearish triple zigzag B. At the time of writing, there is forming the impulse wave C, namely, its corrective wave [4]. Let us study the structure of the most recent chart section in a shorter timeframe.

As it is clear from the most recent chart section, the market has finished forming the upward impulse wave [3], driving the price to a high level. The price should soon run down in the corrective wave [4] to a level of 115.00. At this level, correction [4] should be 50% of the impulse wave 3, according to the Fibonacci retracements. Next, the price should continue rising in the final wave [5].

Trading plan for LTCUSD for the week:

Sell 135.00, TP 115.00

Elliott wave EOS analysis

The EOSUSD market continues forming a zigzag-shaped pattern composed of five sub-waves [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X]-[Z]. The sub-waves [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X] have completed, and the final wave [Z] is still unfolding. Wave [Z], like the previous motive waves [W] and [Y], could finish as a standard zigzag. The linking waves [X] and [X] have a more complex structure. Let us see the structure of the most recent chart section in more detail in a shorter timeframe.

It is clear that the…

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