In a statement on Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a bold proclamation that China was an ‘existential’ threat to the United States and that Joe Biden must deal with them. It’s a sharp contrast to the statements of Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. In his confirmation hearing, he said that the United States must practice ‘humility’ toward other countries.

The statements by Pompeo come as the United States accused China of genocide against Uighur Muslims. In his comments on this matter, Pompeo said this was forced assimilation and that the Chinese Communist Party was attempting to eliminate the Uighur’s.

Thousands of Uighur’s have been detained by China over the past few years. They natively live in the northwest portion of China and China had taken steps to assure that the group was faithful to the Chinese nation. As you know, China is all about allegiance.

Pompeo has also made pointed comments about China’s treatment of Uighur women as well. He recently tweeted a response that shared comments about forced abortions and sterilizations.

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Uyghur women are not “emancipated” by forced abortions and sterilizations.

Now the real question becomes will the actions taken by the Trump administration on Trump’s last day in office matter? Will Joe Biden be held to take a tougher stance on China as he enters the White House.

When you reflect on Blinken’s statements, it does not seem likely. It seems he is more interested in an apology tour than he is in actually promoting US interests. We all are well aware of Joe Biden’s corruption involving China and how key Democrats have been implicated with ties to the CCP as well.

Joe Biden has claimed he is prepared to be tough on China, but those claims may be difficult to back up. He has never been tough on China and has said he plans to roll back measures Trump took against the CCP. It seems unlikely that his State Department will continue the movement toward sanctions on the CCP.

Pompeo says that he did not take the accusations lightly and they shouldn’t be. These types of comments will inflame China, which has continued to maintain that the US statements recently in regards to the country are false.

So far, there has been no response from the Chinese Embassy, Chinese Ambassador to the US, or the Chinese Communist Party in regards to the statement. Those statements may be made by late Friday evening as Beijing begins Wednesday operations.

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