Dr. Anthony Fauci, after describing in several interviews his tense relationship with former President Donald Trump, on Tuesday called for the past to be kept in the past and agreed the White House didn’t prevent him from speaking out about COVID-19. 

“No, that’s why I got into trouble,” Fauci, now the chief medical adviser for President Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom,” after he was asked if he’d been blocked from speaking publicly. “It wasn’t happy with some of the things that I said.”

However, after a week of interviews, during which he had referred to there being a “liberating” feeling at being in a new administration, and telling The News York Times, in an interview published Tuesday, how his “anxiety started to escalate” when he and Trump butted heads over the virus, Fauci said he’s now ready to move on. 

His comments about the future came after show co-host Dana Perino told the doctor she’d heard him on The New York Times’ podcast “The Daily,” during which interviewer Donald G. McNeil Jr. questioned him extensively about his relationship with Trump. 

“After that interview, I said to myself, ‘we really have to look forward and ahead and just put that behind us,'” said Fauci. “I totally agree with you. Looking forward I’m not enthusiastic at all about re-examining what happened back then rather than looking forward to what we need to do now.”

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