A Republican Virginia gubernatorial frontrunner, Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase, tells Newsmax TV she wears the nickname of “Trump in Heels” as “a badge of honor.”

“My supporters gave me the name Trump in Heels, and I just wear it like a badge of honor,” Chase told Tuesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “I’m honored to be called that.

“I’m a business person, I’m not a politician. I’ve gone there as a mom of 4 to clean things up and I’ve done a pretty good job of it as a second term state senator.”

Chase has plenty of Trumpian political positions and even vowed to host Greg Kelly she plans to “make Virginia great again.”

“Under the Democratic governor we’re saying Virginia is for drug dealers based on the new legislation they just passed in the general assembly,” Chase added to Kelly.

Like Trump, Chase is also a face mask science skeptic and the Virginia state Senate clerk’s office enclosed her space on the Virginia Senate floor in a plastic barrier because she does not wear a face mask due to a health condition.

“I call it my freedom corner,” Chase said.

If she wins the gubernatorial race – perhaps against former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democratic firebrand – she vows to “educate not mandate” on the coronavirus pandemic, lifting restrictions and reopening Virginia to do business again.

Virginia, the only state that bars governors from serving consecutive terms, is holding its gubernatorial election Nov. 2, 2021.

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