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Hong Kong — Many of us have secrets that we don’t want anybody to know. Also, most people would want to avoid old flames when it comes to relationships unless they ended on a healthy note.

Hong Kong singer Karene Mak recently called out her ex in an Instagram Story. Mak claimed that her ex had multiple sexual partners. Netizens suspect that the person she was talking about is TVB artist William Zhai.

“I only learned today that the number of your sexual partners is amazing,” the singer wrote. “It turns out that the love and care (you showed) were (performances and you made me look like a fool).”

William Zhai denied the claims Karene Mak said against him. Picture: Instagram

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Although Mak did not mention any names, she did state that it was her ex’s birthday and this points to Zhai as many suspected that the duo had dated before and it was coincidentally his birthday too. Zhai quickly denied Mak’s claims, saying that he did not know who Mak was referring to. Zhai’s last known relationship was with Toby Chan, a Hong Kong actress. After that, Zhai has not revealed any new relationships, as reported by Hype.my.

He admitted that it is not because there are not any potential partners and when he was asked about his sexual partners, Zhai said he had seen several Korean and Japanese girls. However, he did not do one-night stands, Zhai clarified.

The actor later changed his story, saying if Mak was alluding to him, he was willing to apologise. He also added that he never lied. “Initially, I was annoyed,” Zhai said. “I am 36-years-old and I can determine my own lifestyle. I want you all to know that I am not Karene Mak’s boyfriend and have never dated (her).”

When Mak heard about the apology from the media, she was surprised. “I’ve said what I wanted to say on Instagram,” the singer said. “I’m also no longer responding to topics related to my private life, thank you,” she added. Fans then messaged Mak to cheer her up after seeing her devastating message. Mak then thanked everyone who was concerned and said she needed time to settle herself.

“Know that you are not alone,” Mak encouraged netizens who shared her pain. “You will soon be better.” Her experience has certainly left her older and wiser. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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