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Singapore — Even if you didn’t keep up with all the news about the Star Awards 2021, you have probably heard or seen what Elvin Ng wore to the awards ceremony on April 18. He set the internet abuzz with his Alexander McQueen red-pink ombre suit. Singapore’s 8days.sg compared it to an ombre cake.

8days.sg compared Elvin Ng’s suit to an ombre cake. Picture: Instagram

Ng added to the fun, uploading a photo of himself with a bandung drink the next day.

Elvin Ng shows off his bandung drink which looked like his ombre suit. Picture: Instagram

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“Fashion also means not taking ourselves too seriously, and having a sense of humour. Craving for [bandung] last night, I wonder why,” he wrote in his caption.

When 8days.sg spoke to the actor in a phone call on April 20, Ng shared that he thought the many posts about his outfit were “quite funny”. Except for the ones comparing his suit to a tampon.

“The one that I disliked most would be the tampon one, I think that is just… well… There were others that came up. I’ve seen some comparing it to a HDB flat, I’ve seen some [comparing it to] lipstick, and some others with Ribena, things like that. But um… I think those are trying a little too hard [to make a connection]? I do think that [the] bandung [comparison] is appropriate, and that the tampon thing is a bit offensive, but [overall] that’s fine as well.” he said.

“I never thought of all these funny things [when I first tried on the suit], so yeah, actually Singaporeans are really quite creative, I can’t believe it,” he added.

He also went on to reveal that the suit was “the first and only outfit” he tried on. But before going for any fitting, he’d received a small “style tip” of sorts from his manager.

“I got a note from my manager… it was a long message, and in the middle, it went something like: ’Try to wear something more vibrant, [artistes are] encouraged to wear bright colours’,” he said, adding that when he checked with the other artistes, none of them received this note.

It appears that Ng is not the type that would wear a boring black suit anyway.

“My stylist, Daryl and I, we work well together, so I told him that whenever we try anything, I’ll go with the first set. If it fits, then that’s it. I don’t want to try like five [different outfits] and have to choose between each one. Just go for the one he thinks is the best, and I’ll wear it.” Ng said.

“When I first saw [the suit], it felt quite artistic and I actually liked it a lot. I thought it was a very sweet and romantic colour. I’ve always been classic with a twist, and now I’m not so classic, but still with a twist [when it comes to my dressing]. In fact, I think I’m a lot more daring, and not so proper and boring,” he added.

Oh, and all the chatter about bandung and suits has given Ng an idea for the next Star Awards.

“Maybe next time when my stylist and I choose my outfits, we’ll draw inspiration from nature, from food or drinks. Maybe next time [I’ll dress like] chendol lah, or whatever. And perhaps when I’m on stage, I’d say: ‘Okay, I’m trying to dress like chendol today, so people won’t have to start thinking so much, you know?’ he laughed./TISGFollow us on Social Media

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