Candace Owens absolutely set the internet on fire with her most recent tweets about Joe Biden. On Friday, she said that Joe Biden is an illegitimate President and that he is using the Department of Justice to go after his political opponents. That certainly set off the radicals.

They started trying to argue with Owens, comparing Biden’s actions to that of former President Donald Trump. Yes, they tried to argue that Biden was doing the same thing that Trump had done. But Owens wasn’t finished.

It wasn’t enough that she talked about Biden being an illegitimate President, but then she compared him to a couple of leaders that the radical Left absolutely loves: Cuba’s Castro and Venezuela’s Chavez.

The second tweet set off the radicals and they started personally attacking Owens. Many called her delusional, accused her of using drugs, and many accused her of unfair comparisons. They said Biden was not quite up to the level of Chavez and Castro yet.

Biden has made it very clear that he is committed to fundamentally changing the US into what looks more like these communist countries rather than the free nation it is. His speech this week outlined his communist plans for the country, even though many Americans simply do not understand.

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