There are a lot of similarities between UFC fighting and people from the America First/MAGA world because “we’re not backing down,” UFC fighter Colby Covington tells Newsmax TV. 

“You know, you see a lot of similarities because you know people from the MAGA side, you know, we’re fighters,” Covington said on Newsmax TV’s “Cortes & Pellegrino” Friday night. “We didn’t have things given to us. We had to work really hard for things you know. and there’s a reason that you know Donald Trump’s a winner, just like Dana White. They’re not afraid to, you know, do what they think is right, and they’re not gonna back down or follow anybody else’s agenda.”

White is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Covington, meanwhile, called moves in the sports world to give free tickets to people who have had their COVID vaccinations or to keep vaccinated fans away from nonvaccinated people “ridiculous.”

“You shouldn’t have to get the vaccine unless you’re of high risk,” said Covington. “Let’s get back to regular life.”

He pointed out that some 18,000 “screaming fans” were at a UFC event last weekend in Tampa, and they were taking their own calculated risks. 

“(They were) enjoying their lives again, enjoying their freedoms, you know, enjoying the calculated risk that you take in life every single day,” said Covington. “We want to get back to our regular lives and people, the electricity and energy in the arena. People were having fun. They were entertained again. They were forgetting about all the problems that Joe Biden’s, you know, created for this country just in his first 100 days in office.”

Trump attended a UFC event back in 2019, but Covington said he doubts he’ll see President Biden show up.

“Not that old man,” he said. “He’s too old to even leave the basement. That guy ain’t coming out for any type of sporting event.”

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