After more than 76 days of ignoring her own country and the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris finally seems interested in talking about it. That is after she laughed it off in an interview as seemingly not important. She said she didn’t understand the point that the interviewer was trying to make when asked about the southern border issue.

It is certainly not difficult to see the issue with this. She, along with President Joe Biden, see that the border crisis is really no crisis at all. It’s just another tool for the Democrats to use to accomplish their goal.

That’s why Harris was quick to jet to Mexico and Guatemala for her first trip, rather than actually addressing a concern of American citizens. Even amid criticism from leaders in Central America, Harris continued her focus on her agenda, which is America last.

She tried to play it off, following up on the interview saying she has been to the border and will go back at some point. She claims she knew all about the issues at the southern border from her time in California and visiting the border. But the issues are not just one that is facing California, but any state sharing a border with Mexico along with the states beyond where the Biden regime has been relocating illegals.

Time and again the Biden regime is given an opportunity to actually focus on issues that are important to the American people. Not just a select few Americans, but a large majority of Americans. The majority of Americans believe that the border crisis needs to be addressed. Yet, the Biden regime continues to ignore it.

That is just fine with Kamala Harris, who is not interested in visiting the southern border, understanding the crisis as it happens, and helping lead through the issue as she was tasked to do. No, she is too good for that.

Instead, she is more interested in sitting back and simply waiting to replace Joe Biden. She is not in Central America and Mexico as a Vice President as the mainstream media declares. Rather, she is there and laying the groundwork for her own administration. The one that she expects to begin very soon.

Biden and Harris want to cast the problem as a real problem for Guatemala and Mexico. They have yet to see this issue as an American problem, as illegals are lining up at our borders and illegally crossing, taking advantage of the US system. She would rather blame the climate and the economy.

She tried to talk tough in her discussions in the countries as well. She tried to claim that migrants would be turned back, an action that the Biden regime has not performed. Again, because they are not interested in dealing with American problems. Instead, they prefer to deal with the fake problems that they have created.

For Harris to snub the US border in favor of visiting foreign countries, it is a slap in the face to all Americans and a declaration of her true allegiance. It is not to the United States of America. She is more interested in how she can destroy our country rather than defend and protect it.

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