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  1. She says burn it down yeah? When she is accosted or worse who will bring her justice? Not ALL cops are good, not all people are good. Everyone knows right from wrong. Life is full of choices. The government doesn't pay my bills. Therefore they have no say in my life and neither does this woman. If she feels so victimized then where is the proof. Paperwork. Evidence. Fact is these people are supporting blm and an antifacism movement for fame and notoriety. In a Hollywood hypnosis. Buying million dollar homes. FACT

  2. May I be the first to offer a shovelful of dirt on their coffins. Only problem now is that we need several tankers full of disinfectants to cure all the infected lambs that followed them!! Death or Prison to the surviving leaders and investors of this treacherous disloyalty to our GREAT NATION

  3. George Soros took over BLM and used it to destroy America as well as Antifa! Follow the money and Open Society Foundation. He can no longer receive Federal Funds because it is a foreign organization. He needs to be stopped. He was in other country's but our selfish, greedy politicians, judges took his money. Blood Money! BLM money also went to Democratic Politicians and judges, state electorals, follow the money. hit the donate button on blm and it would go to and that money went to democrats, mostly white! not sure if it still does. Antifa dot com went to joe biden dot com it is just an idea joe.