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  1. Next time you vote, DO SOME REASEARCH!!! Iam not talking about reading 100 books. Just listen a little bit to people who arent politicians or journalists. Use your own brain to figure out that a guy who cant give a speech, and hasnt done anything for 45 years, may not be the right guy to rule the biggest "democracy" in the world.

  2. The Republican candidates are the weakest political opposition party in the world,,
    They cannot stand up against the Democrats politic party,,
    The Democrats politic party is running over the Republican party the Republicans party is like a school children against th6 more grown up person ,,,
    Do not understand why President Trump was choosing to be the President for the weakest political opposition party on this earth

  3. The sad thing is that there's still lots of liberal democrats that voted for Jobama just despite Trump because of non stop brainwashing LIES from the disgusting MSM. If these people cannot see past the FACT that no president in our entire history has ever been treated so disrespectful and did NOTHING but try and save our country from the people who've done nothing but try and RUIN IT. Now we have them back in office, and it wasn't even 24 hours into his term that Jobama began to reverse our great nation and give it back to Obama, the OTHER ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

  4. Biden voters did not do their homework. All of Biden's shortcomings and inadequacies were blatantly apparent. These are the consequences of voting without paying attention. Voters think they're so smart without not using their brain. If voters do not use their vote responsibly then they should NOT vote.

  5. My father earned his American Citizenship by serving in the Air Force. And he’s proud to be an American. But after the election he gave up his citizenship and was repatriated as a Greek Citizen. I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing I already have dual citizenship with Greece even though I was born in America (state of Hawaii is my birthplace) and in pains me to see the left destroying a great country and society. We had it so good under Trump. Historic Peace Agreements, energy independence, I was able to grow my business ten fold to were I could stay home and raise my daughters and not have to worry about going into the office everyday. Because of Covid I closed down the main office and had my guys work from home and they became even more productive. I bought them hybrids and gave them gas cards to go to job sites with. Talk about happy employees. Now with Biden in office I fear what I might have to do next.

  6. It's Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain. People everywhere were being warned that Biden/Harris was the Trojan Horse ticket but they wouldn't listen. Now we're all paying the price with massive debt, broken promises and quickly rising inflation and this is only the beginning of this train wreck

  7. Trump was never really my favorite person, I never hated him I just can't see wanting to be his friend or hanging out with him if he was just a regular guy. That said, I've never seen so much hatred directed at a single man for arbitrary characteristics before in my life. People literally want the man to suffer and die because they don't like his face, the tone of his voice, the orange hair, his hands and about a million other things that would make you a bad person for hating someone for. The excuse is, it's Trump so it's ok. I mean at this point literally show me undeniable proof of his crimes against humanity that warrant such treatment or shut up and look in the mirror. He is a human being and to treat he and his family this way is blatant discrimination and it's wrong. He did so much good that he will never get credit for while a lot of the bad is derived from he said she said, opinions and dishonesty. I love that the party of inclusion excludes people like me for not wanting to board the hate train. Grow up and realize that if you are hateful then you are wrong.