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  1. She does it cause nothing has come from the last couple times she was caught!! She knows all she has to do is say “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done that.” She doesn’t care at all! She is gonna do what ever she wants, because the backlash she gets does no harm her!

  2. Why report this? She seems to be bullit proof. Until this woman, and other Democrats, are held accountable for there bullshit, dont report this stuff. When we see these dipshits in cuffs headed to prison, THEN report it. But, even our Republican friends dont hold these idiots responsible for criminal acts that the normal, everyday person would be put in jail for without question.

  3. None of these elite Lefties care. They never have, and never will. The saddest part is, if these people were ignored, they'd have no power. But, we all keep these "people" in the news, therefore keeping their media presence up. Ignore them all, and eventually they will just go away.

  4. I mean, to be fair and clear here, I don't care if these people go and have fun.

    I care that they continue to restrict everyone and abuse their powers. It isn't that they go out and do shit and shouldn't be. It's that WE can't go out and do shit without being fined or arrested or shamed.

    Goddam tired of this bullshit lockdown nonsense.