Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the Border Control Task Force bill, in the middle of his press conference Thursday.



  1. What! Trump finished the Border Wall, right? And he paid for it with Mexican Pesos, right? You haven’t even paid your electric grid overcharges yet, but your gonna save everyone from what, fence jumpers? How can you even jump that “Big, Beautiful” fence that Trump built! Problemo. If only 5 miles of fence have been built, what did Trump do with the many billions he took from the DOD? That money was to build housing and repair runways for our troops, where’d it go if it didn’t build the wall? Hmmm, is Rick “OOPS” Perry in charge of Wall construction? Sounds like it…

  2. because the Biden administration is trying to punish Texas. I say use the government money they call Taxes for the border wall and the expense for the incarnation of illegals. When the Biden admin starts helping Texas then start sending tax money again. Don't mess with Texas