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  1. They don't change their tune because they know how to rig the elections. I don't care if it is racist to require voter ID. You show up in person and you have a driver's license or some form of identification with a photo and address. If voting by absentee this should be done the same. If you cannot come in then a voting election official must show to your house 60 days prior to complete the paperwork with the person with hey id. The voting system with then Mark the vote immediately in front of the voter preventing a second vote. Also the voter would have the opportunity to receive an email with whom they voted for. After the election they can check once again to see who their vote went for. If their vote does not go through the proper representative, then each and every election official involved in the process for that individual vote is charged with a felony with a mandatory one year imprisonment. This goes from the person who filled out the paperwork all the way up to whoever runs the election site. This includes the IT guy and anyone else who's in charge of security of the voting records. Put people in jail and election fraud will stop. Ask an official of our voting office here in Suffolk Virginia if they felt there was ever voter fraud by their office. The answer was yes. It's amazing how New York California and Virginia automatically go Blue. Virginia is a lie properly to who they really want elected. There is no way anything next to DC is non fraudulent