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  1. To correct one of your statements. Trump is not a politician.
    He has stated many times that he does not like politicians. He is an American that made it to the presidency to tell politicians not only to do their jobs, but how to do their jobs. His focus has always been the people. Politicians only focus on the money.

  2. Cut the unemployment t for a shorter time. People need to get to work again
    Work definrsyou and if you do your best you can have a career not just a job. Easy mo eyes creates a sitcom country. Any successful person has had to start from the bottom not the top
    .the immigatiojs people are getting our jobs a d our mo eyes. Open up your eyes . All.he does is carry out bad badxbills

  3. Biden needs to close the boarder would love to know what happened to the money to build the wall. You voted for soc now the price I hee. We have high taxes and inflation.we nevertrump
    The dems can't run a country but he spends too much money. When the rep take over trump.has slot of Bill's reversd. The rich dont want the real grassroots your crazy
    Lefties take heed you are going to hate getting older.good lucky jerks

  4. This is the same man that repeatedly said the driver that took out his first wife in a wreck was proven not to be drunk and that the accident was not caused by him in the first place… yet he still repeatedly slandered the mans name, calling him a drunk in one of his many stories he repeats to millions. He also plagiarizes speeches. In reality the man should've not even legally been allowed to run for president, yet here he is. No suprise he can't keep his words.

  5. Hello there from paris, here is a little story i wanted to share with you:

    I was a student in cinema studies but as the years went on, i grew sick of my university which was a renowned hive of hard leftists (Paris 8 Saint Denis). They blocked and occupied 2 times the university for months in the 4 years ive been in it, obliging students like me to repass some grades in the next year, effectively making me pay for another needless year. The second time it was worse, they were protesting an university reform, doing general assemblies. However in those assemblies not once did they mentionned those reforms, instead they wanted to create segregated spaces for trans, people of color, aka import all the bullshit of the anglo saxon hardcore left instead of fighting real fights. Worse, they invited in antifa members, outsiders, who desnt give a shit about the university or its students.
    Guess what happened: They degraded the classrooms, broke material, stole computers meant to help students work, they even broke into the students council restroom and reserve, stole all their stuff and destroyed the rest. That was equipment the students brought in, and were meant as an investment as it was a restroom open to everybody. It got so bad that the administration shutdowned the library and research space and called the CRS (the french anti-protest hardcore repression police ) to oust those guys because they also used the classrooms to house illegal migrants.

    There was also a time israeli students had organised a stand to give infos to students for a possible stuent exchange with israel, it took only 2 hours before leftists installed a table with a palestine flag and started shouting and harassing students that were interested in the trip. Eventually a fight broke out and everything had to be removed.

    Now i have changed of grade, im in history in a much better university, who focuses more on working than pseudo moralistic stances exhibition. The professors are more grounded since they focus on the truth, and engages more on reflexion and exchanges than the "tolerant left".
    Oh and for the anecdote the easiest class i had so far was a social studies class, went and wrote an essay in 2 days, got 15 points out of 20, just because i sucked the professor's lefty narrative.

    Those people in social studies, they dont know what is researches, nor what is work, nor its true value. Thats why they are lost when they are released outside of theur campus, because they realise that actually few people applaud to their class/political narrative recitation.

    I hope that you didnt find this boring or too much filled with english language mistakes. To all those students and workers that are having a tough time, i say keep it up and dont give in, if its tough, its temporary.


  6. A politician who made promises to get elected and then reneged on the promises once he got in, no way. The only people stupider then the ones who voted for him are the ones still waiting for him to follow through. Your wasted votes are just making it harder for the rest of us to keep this country afloat.

  7. Joe is not a Socialist because his $6 Trillion plan is going to redistribute wealth to the wealthy, not the poor. See? Totally not a socialist. And you know that idiot neighbor kid who wracked up massive student loan debt smoking weed, majoring in something unemployable, and taking part in ANTIFA riots in their spare time? Yes, the American People need to pay that kid's student loan debt. Now, if the Federal Government can fool the American people into thinking they will not be using taxpayer dollars to pay down the student loans of idiot people, then the student loan "forgiveness" plan will commence. I am sure all of the private companies will just love to have guaranteed Federal cash payments transferred to them. The only real solutions are to hire a lawyer for those who were defrauded by a school, and for student loan debt to be covered by bankruptcy.

  8. I'm on disability so I'm screwed, I work and lose my medical or I stay poor as hell and keep my medical. I don't like democrap policy's but at the same time I would like the rules of disability would be changed to allow me to have a better life. I've had 8 levels of my spine fused and I haven't worked in a lot of years, but do I risk my disability and medical or try to work in a nation I no longer fit in?