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  1. Honestly this is high treason. Joe bide, Mainstream media, Congress, Big teach. It all treason. Hell I would say part of the military are traitors. As the take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well when they let the Democrats cheat. That was treason in my book.

  2. I remember Trump joking with a group of reporters that asked him about some Space X rockets. He told them he wished he could send them to the moon. The media went crazy saying he attacked the them or some nonsense. It was legit funny and they just couldn't laugh at it.

  3. Joe thinks that our military should be excited that his party corrupted their votes. Joe thinks it’s OK to insult the people that guard our borders and take care of us and go battle for our behalf that are often scary and awful so those battles don’t come here. I’m not laughing I’m disgusted with him he’s disgusting he actually puts himself above those that sacrifice everything for us. That’s the way this lunatic thinks.