Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Asks for a New Trial!





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  1. This is what happens when you refuse to show your ID that's awesome video you guys must check this out the guy says to the police officer for all I know you are trying to kill me the police officer response and says You are absolutely ridiculous and this apparently happened 3 years ago

  2. It's simple: "Comply and you won't die." – Larry Elder.

    And black communities hurt the most when there's not enough officers around. But the crazy woke cult/BLM don't give a shit about black people. All they do is focus on a dozen criminals every year, who resisted arrest, to destroy law enforcement. And it doesn't matter what the criminal did- no, it's always because they were black. Doesn't even matter if the officer himself was black. Unbelievably stupid.. I bet they never even check out the videos of what actually happened.. And everyone who's been hurt or killed in the process towards their goal and all the people who will be affected by the consequences of their actions, are just collateral damage. I've never seen them post anything about the little (black) kids who's been killed during riots and stuff.. Sickening. Just a bunch of f***ing hypocrites.

  3. His first trial was a COMPLETE SHAM!

    #1: At least one Black Lives Matter member, whose anti-police rhetoric should have IMMEDIATELY disqualified him as biased against the defendant, was on the "jury".

    #2: The Jury was not sequestered for the duration of the trial, and kept away from the riots, the political interference (China Joe and Mad Maxine Waters, to name two), and the fact that blm/antifa were holding a torch to the City of Minneapolis if they didn't get the guilty verdict they demanded, REGARDLESS of the facts of the case.

    On these two points, a mistrial is warranted. Chauvin did NOT get justice. He got politically motivated MOB justice, which isn't justice at all. The people of Minnesota can no longer trust their courts to fairly dispense justice. Cops cannot do their job, and vigorously combat crime, which means more innocent people will be victimized, robbed, hurt, raped, and murdered. They now know that they cannot depend on police protection, because the police are walking on glass all the time because of the degenerate Leftist Democrat mob that wrongfully influenced this trial.

  4. That's why the Feds just arrested and charged Chauvin and the other 3 officers because they might actually get a fair trial and set free so the democrats gave their police force the FBI to see they get a death sentence when they go to prison they will be ,killed. This is the federal police force the democrats are pushing with their war on police. Then you will get Antifa and BLM terrorists in the democrat federal police. That's how they kill the constitution there will be no recourse they will kick your doors down take your guns and shoot anyone they please and you can do nothing about it. No more sheriffs or state police just the democrats telling the police what they want. The blacks will find out what happens when they are no longer allowed to destroy when they are shot by the federal police force in large numbers.

  5. Hey idiot! Officer Derek Chauvin Did Nothing Wrong! Do Your Fucking Homework.

    Who Killed George Floyd?: Minnesota’s attorney general needs to pay attention to the available evidence, which in this case is incontrovertible by George Parry.

    Video: Who Killed George Floyd?: The physical, scientific, and electronically recorded evidence is disclosed by Centaur Film Works.

  6. The FBI is supposed to investigate abuse of power in police agencies. But they don’t. And here we are. The tables have flipped now that the innocent cops are harassed, it’s usually the other way around. Cops doing the harassment. I don’t know how to end this.

  7. Flloyd is lower than dirt. You talking about a disgusting human being who robbed and put a weapon against the belly of a pregnant woman. Went to jail, came out.

    Instead of returning home to be a responsible father. He leaved his kids for another woman to do hard-core drugs in Minnesota. And the terriorist group known as BLM want me to feel sympathy for that clown. Here is my sympathy, Rest in Piss.