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  1. Tatum, I think the answer is they are plain "Evil" , promoting racism all the time. I Remember when she was the first lady, she had the audacity to speak from the white house and complain that she is living " in a house that slaves built" to all the young men and woman that do not need to hear downing something like that. Instead of taking that opportunity to say, look , if my husband I can get to be the president and first lady imagine now what you can do!! that is why they r evil!!

  2. Is there any evidence of her growing up brotha cause Obama had a guy friend through school and they were best friends. There's pics of it but where is that guy now? Vanished… coincidence that that guy friend no crap looks identical to him with a wig just saying and putting it out there lol

  3. There are programs in most areas such as dress for success. These provide people with clothes AND advice tor interviews. I shop almost exclusively at Goodwill, Salvation Army and yard sales. I buy Evan Picone, Liz Claiborne etc. There is always opportunities to present yourself in a professional manner on a very tight budget.

  4. Michelle will say or do anything to cause an uproar…She’s a notorious hate monger. I despise how she thinks she can associate with the every day person while she wines and dines at Martha’s Vineyard. I saw her do a commencement speech at Muskegee Institute. The whole speech was about white people. She doesn’t have anything nice or educational or beneficial to say except hate speech. In reality she’s putting on a whole act playing a victim.

  5. As a morrocan girl when I watch the american media I see racism everywhere and the police hating black people , So I beleived it's a living hell for black americans , but when I start doing research and listen to more black americans like you I realised I was missleads by the media .

  6. Michelle and her husband are America haters. I also contend they are heavily responsible for much of the racial division in our country today. Much of the animosity and "race baiting" and race division was stirred up by the Obamas. Remember Obama's comment about "he could have been my son" and his fuss and comments about the black professor who was questioned by the police. Think back…the country was relatively united until the recent past i.e. prior to their administration. Since them the narrative by the Left, the media et al. is a constant hammering of victimhood and racial politics. Think …when is the last time the Left has referred to "our fellow Americans"????

  7. unless qualified immunity is revised /overhauled black people will not be 100% safe everywhere. You might be safe in your area, am sure she is talking just in general. some cops see color first and not the status, State Attorney Aramis Ayala was pulled over by Orlando Police, pure profile case. So am glad Ms Obama is speaking for the general common black mother. Laziness is not endemic to just one race, or class. there is lazy politicians, white people, and CEOs. Everyone gets government bail out, but all hell is raised when black people receive it.

  8. This is proof that the "elites" fake victimhood! They know that they have to relate to the voters so they'll lie & fake the fear of the reality that the average citizens have to experience every day! I also agree that the average African Am. person will believe her because they voted for Pres. Barack Obama believing that he was "one of them." He was so well connected in Chicago's Political Machine that they could never be equal to B. Husein Obama.