Hong Kong — Taiwanese news website CTWANT reported a few days ago that and had fallen out after Lau did not invest in a sequel to To’s 2006 movie Isabella after it performed badly at the box office. It was reported that the two celebrities became close while working together on 2002’s Infernal Affairs. During that period, it was said that Lau even offered his house for To to live in as the latter was still a struggling actor then.

In 2005, Lau was the best man at To’s wedding to Kristal Tin. The famously outspoken To has since come out to deny the reports in his usual no-holds-barred way of addressing things. The 49-year-old, who is currently based in Taiwan for work, posted a screenshot of the article on his Facebook page. He called the news outlet out for “taking an old piece of fake news from over 10 years ago and reporting it as ‘new’ news” and questioned if they were trying to avoid responsibility by quoting Chinese media reports.

Andy Lau and Chapman To reportedly had a . Picture: Instagram

“Do you have evidence? Did you speak to the people involved? What! He lent me his house? 20 years ago, I paid HK$30,000 (SGD5,200) a month in rent, is that considered particularly cheap? Have I asked him to invest in me? At that time, my boss was [Hongkong billionaire] Peter Lam. Is this person with the surname Lau richer than him?”

To then went on to say that he “has never been against” Lau, whom he kept referring to by his surname, as reported by 8days.sg.

To said he had nothing against Lau until the 59-year-old Heavenly King decided to “support the Hongkong government in building trillions of artificial islands, going against the Hongkong people”.

“That’s when I started having my differences with this person,” To revealed.

However, To, who has always been very vocal about his anti-Beijing sentiments, wasn’t done yet. He proceeded to go on a vulgarity-filled rant slamming inaccurate reports against him.

“If you’re seeking out fake news as an attempt to attack me ‘cos of our opposing political stances, [expletive], I have zero tolerance for that! I have an indomitable spirit and I’m not afraid of power, and I’m especially not afraid of lackeys!”/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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