Senator James Lankford (R-OK) questioned HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra during a Senate hearing Thursday why President Biden changed the word ‘mothers’ to ‘birthing people’ in his budget request.



  1. This is sad to watch. It truly is. Notice around the :20 mark, when Mr. Becerra is saying, "I think we're talking about…" you can literally see his brain telling him, “Don’t say ‘mother’. Don’t say ‘mother’!” He’s struggling because ‘mother’ is the most natural, common sense, truthful way to describe the person you're referring to. And, he knows this – but what he knows in his heart and what he’s being told to think, appear to be at odds.

    Let this sink in – Mr. Becerra graduated from Stanford University, one of the best universities in the world, with degrees in Economics and Law. And yet, here he is, saying that "birthing people" is more precise than "mother". How in the world can he justify this? The scary part is, again, he really doesn't believe that. This isn't about "precise language" and he knows it. But, Sen. Lankford does as well. Sen. Lankford is correct – lots of moms will be offended by "birthing people". I would bet that there are more women that would be offended by this, than there are people that would be offended by the usage of "mother" – and yet, Mr. Becerra is willing to disregard them to appease the smaller group.

    This is not how you unite. This is how you divide.

  2. I have never been so dehumanized in my life…. im a young woman and you want to call me a menstrator and birthing person????? NO. I am a female, i am a woman, and one day i will be a proud MOTHER. Stop taking away the rights and identities of women because some men feel the need to be women. If they want to be women they should respect the rights of women. Absolutely disgusting that people really think like this. I will not call my mother a birthing person because she is my mother and she is my mom because she gave birth to me. Yes I know some mothers cannot give birth and become mothers through adoption, etc. but the term mother is inclusive because it counts any woman who is the guardian for a child and refers to themself as mother. I cannot believe you can dehumanize a whole gender because you want to be INCLUSIVE???? Honey… women had to fight for their rights and you are tkaing them away once again. The rights of men will always be placed above woen and this si a clear example. Because some men want to be women now.. then women cant be women anymore??? NO. I am a WOMAN.

  3. I just found out that along with Critical Race Theory, there is a new definition of who I am: "Racist Snob Birthing Person". Took 72 years to find this out. Who knew?! I will have to tell my kids not to refer to me as "mom" or "Mother" anymore. Snobby Racist Birthing Person would probably be more accurate. I certainly want to be precise and not offend myself.

  4. Name me a time in history when a totalitarian communist regime just went away peacefully. Nope. You can't. That's because you remove them, or they remove you. People are gonna have to wake up to this truth eventually. I hope it's not too late already.