Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled FBI Director Chris Wray on the origin of COVID-19.



  1. Is COVID nothing more than computer code? What better way to use the clinical term virus and associate it with biological entities that have so many "symptoms"? Makes the biology very hard if not impossible to verify. I know sinus pressure need nor be associated with COVID. Been the worst symptom I've had in over 16 years

  2. So lets say China did this intentionally. What is anyone going to do about it. You cant invade them. You cant nuke them because at first launch were all dead. So whats the point? To point fingers and say China is bad? This is a waste of money.

  3. How is Stacey Abrams able to lie straight to our faces with these obviously ridiculous lies! STOP CALLING VOTER LACK OF MOTIVATION FOR VOTER SUPPRESSION!! And stop lying to the American people because you're pissing them off. Your minority is getting even smaller.

  4. Again, you have an FBI director who thinks he is to determine if the origins of the virus came from china, however he is only to give the evidence he finds to congress members who are suppose to make a conclusion, not director Ray.. this is the problem with this director, and he needs to go…

  5. Look, folks. If we do not have a supreme court who will look at massive evidence of voter fraud,—-it is over. There is no more USA. It and it's great founding philosophies are gone, and only in the memories of patriotic "dissenters", (as lovers of their liberty are now considered)
    Sure there will still be a visible fight, put on your TV like prize night. But who wins that fight when nobody in that fight is in the right?
    The show may as well be called, "The saga of the Bloods and the Crips".

  6. it’s America who tried to cover the fact and made everyone believe the virus comes from China, however America never investigates when its first case occurs in the nation while all other countries has made its own investigation,like China, Italy and England . And in the beginning of 2020, like February and March, when coved-19 has not been reported in America, no one can take a test unless u ever traveled to China which indeed fooled people to believe a fact that the virus can’t be here already. And America is the only country who not agrees to investigate the origin of the virus through WHO and I am pretty sure most Americans don’t notice that. No one get pneumonia through electronic cigarettes while this happened in America in 2019 summer and its symptoms exactly match the covid-19, not to mention many old people died exactly when bio lab closed in 2019 summer which didn’t get any convincing report to explain the reason. So u call this coincidence? I don’t think so. I am pretty sure America will make a commitment to tell all its people not to believe WHO or any reports that are not controlled by its own staff. Whatever, it’s only about politics, always dark and dirty.

  7. 600,000 people died from covid19 in the last 5 quarters? That looks like another lie. Evenly distributed, that is 191 deaths in each of the 3,142 counties in the USA, (about half the normal rate of death).
    Anybody notice that near home? Just count the number of obituaries in your local paper, (if you can get this data from it) for 2020 compared to 2018, and I bet you will find out that the 600,000 number is a lie. So why should we listen to the rest of the argument?