Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky discuss the latest updates in the “lab leak theory.”

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  1. The scientist in the lab who was trying to warn us all was hauled away by the Chinese government and then died of Covid so how can we prove anything, now!? Even if they were making a weapon of Covid, they would not have tried to spread it unless they had an antidote, Just thinking.

  2. If you look at facts, Fauci verified in Jan this was not a lab leak. How did he know that when there was no data to support that? He funded gain of function and this was clearly an attack on humanity. His agenda was to hide his involvement. Any scientific test shows the virus was created in a lab. He lied to to Trump and the Amer ohh can people.. All these scientists backed his lie because they were involved in the funding on the attack on humanity. Thousands of honest scientists and Drs were shut down when they had creadable data proving Fauci was lieing.
    Trump was right to leave the country open and keep the elderly locked at home.
    The damage to society from the lockdowns will hurt Americans for years to come, especially cruelty to our children which they have 99.01 chance of not spreading it or catching it. They should not be vaccinated. It's scary how the government is pushing the kids to be vacated when there is no medical facts to support it.
    Put your trust in medical Drs. They are hands on and not controlled politically. Maybe they will be fired if they speak the truth. Dont you love this Biden administration where truth is not allowed???

  3. I agree that sanctions are not in appropriate at this time. Though, I suspect that China actually purposefully tried to make sure it became a pandemic after it became clear they had an epidemic on their hands. For example, shutting down domestic travel to and from Wuhan while keeping international travel open. I think that was a considered and purposeful move. Also, the way they purposefully grabbed up all the PPE they could while they were publicly downplaying things.

    I still don't think that sanctions are the right way to handle it at this time.

  4. Hey, can we get a bit more of Emily having fun on The New Rising? I like it when she makes jokes and you can tell there's some producer hissing in her and Ryan's ears every time she does it.
    I miss seeing her and Ryan behaving more freely.

  5. Why does Emily always sound like a kid who hasn't done her homework? Even MSNBC expects better than this. I get so tired of hearing her just repackaging part of Ryan's argument as if it's her insight, then adding some bland platitude on the end of it. This sucks.

  6. Give me a break! We did not handle the pandemic worse than anyone; we were the only country with a base of sane people trying to fight against the absurd government over reach of ignorant politicians and their clown "experts". You want to know why we had such a high death rate here -the vast majority of COVID fatalities (~78%) were obese!!! That's right, the numbers certainly seem to suggest that the fattest country in the world had more health problems associated with COVID -Shocking! (But not really)