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  1. Actually this is pretty crazy. I fully believe that Officer Potter should probably be held criminally liable in some way BUT I read all the definitions of Murder and Manslaughter in Minnesota and NONE are applicable based on how they are defined in the statues. The only thing I found with about a hour of research is 'Wrongful Death" which is a civil suite, not a criminal one.

  2. If they are going to call an accident as murder, then fine. We start holding criminals accountable 100% and fuck this sentsitivity bullshit. If you have a warrant for your arrest for robbing, hurting, wielding illigal weapons and smoking drugs while driving, or whatever, your ass gets thrown into a potato sack and you get trunk driven to the fucking police station. Or come up with some halo shit like in the Minoroty Report that makes the person just frozen so they cannot resist and they will not be harmed. This nation is fucked.

  3. The officer who first went up to him to detain him, made a mistake by not having him go to the back of the car to search and handcuff. He incorrectly kept him right next to car door which led to the criminal being able to to jump right back in the car causing chaos. I wonder if she took her gun out in case needed to save her partner and as the chaos escalated, she thought she had the taser in her hand instead of her gun. I can’t imagine what goes through an officers mind, when their lives are on the line.

  4. Its sad that the female officer is not going to get a fair trial because of the majority perception and bias views. The Pressure, Pitchforks, and Torches already out in the streets ready to burn the innocent accused without understanding the full scope of both sides. Remember how they use to do it in the old days.

  5. I’m certainly not an expert on police behaviour, but I am used to making life or death decisions in the blink of an eye with next to no information. As a captain in the fire service, we train to the point were things become second nature. What I see in this video is a 26 year veteran that has been trained to pull her gun in a situation like this, muscle memory kicks in. The problem lies with the moral dilemma that flashed into her mind that maybe I shouldn’t be doing the right thing because people just don’t understand what officers do and the repercussions they could face.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly that this officer needs another career. I also don't think she should do time. Probation would be a WASTE as well. She's been an upstanding member of the community for her entire career, as far as I know… It really is hard to understand how she pulled the gun rather than a taser, but if everything was taking place in 'the MATRIX", the other officers would have checked her on her mistake ahead of time, and the man resisting.. That's NOT the world we live in. Unless you have been in truly dangerous / violent / life threatening situation.. YOU DO NOT know.. (I have) This may be a situation that spurs on high-stress environment training that could change these mistakes. Bottom line, continued TRAINING and EVALUATION is a great thing for our Law Enforcement Officers / Protectors.. Defunding the "cops" is going to leave huge holes in what the idiots claim to want. Leave the counselors on the 'couch'.. Fund them too, but STOP with the craziness of gunning for LEO's… I have a ton of them I am friends with, and when I was a young and a punk (sometimes) many decades ago now, I had my ass slammed a time or two.. And, I DESERVED IT.. There are so many learning lessons coming out of you, @theofficertatum Thank you..

  7. A good example of that crime would be if someone was on a roof intoxicated or whatever. You as the officer decide to use your taser and they end up falling off the roof and dying. In my opinion that would be a good example because you should know there is a great risk that if you deploy the taser they could fall and seriously injure themselves.

  8. Are you sure the stress was caused by the suspect or everything going on at the moment? I can imagine every white cop is losing a little sleep at night knowing your career and life could be over at any moment. Just look at the hero turned villain just because he saved a young woman from being stabbed to death. I can honestly say I have so much respect for anyone turning up to work if they are a cop. I'm also sad because I think it will lead to more mistakes unless the media gets put in its place and sports stars learn to keep their brainfarts offline.

  9. It was an unreasonable risk because at the time of the shooting, the Police officer was not aware that Daunte had a firearm on him so there was no requirement for her to raise the threat level. Besides, the Officer clearly expressed shock after the shooting and immediately admitted that it was a mistake, so she has already convicted herself because ignorance is not an excuse in law. Also, the Officer is culpable because she has been in the Force for 20yrs so is expected to know the difference between a gun and taser. Even you confirm this because you have clearly stated that no experienced officer can confuse the 2?? It is the right charge and I believe she should be convicted. Tatum, I think you should stay in your lane which is Policing. You are trying to get into the lane of criminal litigation which you clearly are not qualified for. There is no way that you will understand criminal charges better than a State Prosecutor. That is impossible. You also got it wrong on the Dereck Chauvin charges. You predicted that the Jury will acquit on the 2 murder charges; You were wrong. They got him on all 3 which is correct. Stay in your lane bro or you risk losing your credibility!

  10. The way she kept saying taste him…..I think she made a mistake after the fact claiming she made the mistake. She had it pointing but was saying taste him. It never happened so she fired. I think she messed up trying to say she made a mistake. It’s clear no one was taking him as she was saying it. I think she felt left to fire the gun.