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  1. Hi.. I'm from India and I'd like to correct a few points in your video.. I understand that situation in the USA is totally unfair.. but for Indians, this is close to loosing out freedom of speech. The BJP govt as you read in one of the articles is quite a notorious party and they have dominated and destroyed other opposing parties just by taking a hold of the media here. For the people, they are responsible for many religious atrocities, scandles and almost running a dictatorship rule by taking away the voice of the people. Social media in India was the only means of getting the real truth out. Now they are using the fact that Twitter banned Trump and they should not have that much power over the country. Where as they are playing this card to choke some of the only means of getting the real news out (truth). The economy has failed very badly, inflation is on an all time high. Basic infrastructure e.g hospitals during the pandamic has run so poorly & no proper measures , leading to deaths in the tune of a several thousands. Poverty in India is shooting up hight again..

    For sure no body likes Twitter for what they did with Trump but they are using this as an advantage to keep the truth of all that's happening in India from reaching the rest of the world. If Facebook is gone or Zuckerberg gives in to the pressure, we Indians have no other way of sharing the truth here. The govt can continue destroying us all conveniently.
    Twitter being raided here in India sure sounds good but it's bad news for us down here..