FBI Director Chris Wray was asked point-blank about prosecuting BLM ‘rioters’ from 2020.



  1. I have lots family in America,I'm stunned these riots & provoked by politicians happened,this would not be stood for in UK ,of course you've got politicians in UK supporting these idiots,but they support anything while taking taxpayers but these people continued to be ridiculed,BLM & climate nutcases is hated by nation,they're are no marks here,and Antifa could never do anything resembling America,the police wouldn't be needed ,public would take care of them,anyone outwardly supporting these groups are finished in UK ,even SNP government in Scotland support them but if they done like democrats politicians ,they'd be finished in a heartbeat,even by their own supporters,and we live in a nation that your guilty and have to prove your own innocence in Scotland unlike rest of western world,So I'm sure they've got to be democrats that surely turn against them particularly for children sake, we've nasty politicians here trying stop free thought never mind free speech,by trying sneak parts of Sharia laws in, probably most hated politican but he's made biggest mistake,so people still have power on voting day ,if enough people vote for one party ,they couldn't get corruption through again,think of your children not yourself next year in midterms

  2. seems like the FBI is working against the right, and colluding with the left. Obstruction of Justice, for a very long time remember Comie he gave Hillary a free ride. Laptops disappearing or destroyed, hillarys, anthony weiners, and hunter bidens, what are they doing.

  3. NOTHING will happen…NOTHING will change. They need to start investigating TREASON of the "pro-immigration anti-citizen activities….all the way back to "LAPD Special Order 40"…aka "the Sanctuary Cities proclamation"! Many of these riotors are "non-citizens"!

  4. 100s of investigations and 100s of arrests. After hundred of protests Asked and answered. In no case did they storm our Capitol building. In fact, there were over 10, 000 demonstrations last summer — about 80% of which involved Black Lives Matter — and 570 involved violence of some sort. That is, they we're 95% peaceful. The rioters/insurrectionists on the Capitol? They just had one demonstration. That was enough.