Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to Georgia’s anti-BDS law being deemed unconstitutional.

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  1. I'm a Republican and I can't stand the "Israel can do no wrong" crowd. Dual citizenship is a bigger problem than illegal immigration imho… especially when dual citizens have more rights and protections than regular citizens. You can't be loyal to two countries, and its pointless for a Jew to claim loyalty to the United States since their belief demands loyalty to Israel. AIPAC is quick to call our border wall "racist" when Israel not only has a wall surrounding it… they have fortifications and turrets.

  2. I agree that this is a violation of free speech and people should be free to express their opinions. Unfortunately, many BDSers have a very overt antisemitic message. That part of their message should be stopped, especially when it intends to provoke violence. And these days, there is no lack of antisemitic talk (even in congress) and violence.

  3. Trump had all kinds of opinions outlawed by Facebook and Twitter. What about his freedom of speech? This is not a right/left problem. This is a first amendment right that’s being chipped away at. We should stand for those freedoms regardless of political party. PERIOD!

  4. Krystal and Saagar were fired for mentioning this on the show. Hopefully everyone watches the Abby M doc that Krystal mentions at the beginning of the clip. I can't even put the name in my comment because You Tube will delete it. You can't even search for the doc by name (which is available on YT), because YT has blocked it from searches. It's only by going directly to Abby's channel that you can find it. It's also on her website. Also I'm unsubscribing from this channel now

  5. Don't be so sure. The supreme court and its republican appointees can't be trusted anymore than congress. Nothing will change in America until after a revolution, which must begin with the annihilation of all appointed judges and every member of the elected government. America currently sucks.