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  1. VPNs do not protect you from these big tech oligarchs websites because they have VPN blockers which means if you’re using a VPN the webpage or website will not load up and tell you turn off your VPN because if you’re using a VPN it will automatically block you from using most of the sites so really what good is a VPN because I could do the same shit by not searching anything by not going on anything because most of the time when I have my VP on I mean my VPN on I can’t access 90% of the sites and even YouTube has a thing that says they’re still Track you even with a VPN on

  2. At 65, not only will I NEVER get the vaccine or flu shot, and I have not worn a mask outside since this fauxdemic was perpetrated on Americans and the World. Don't count on the current administration of criminals to hold China accountable for this destruction of so many lives. Ask yourself why??? It helped the Democrats implement mass fraudulent mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and any other illegal practices they could use against the will of the American People.