Saagar Enjeti explains why “Stop The Steal’ is so damaging to the future of the GOP.

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  1. Well said. There's a bit of a problem with it though…my ballot, my vote is one of the millions being held hostage and possibly being held hostage by the AZ GOP party. Although I know you guys aren't with the show now (miss you two!), my vote might not even be in the State of Arizona, possibly in Montana, still being held hostage and possibly kidnapped and taken without my permission to another jurisdiction under the dubious protection of the Arizona State Legislature and AZ GOP party employees and contractors.
    Though all the anxiety and legit fear of what these people are doing to my personal info and voting history, I'm can say I'm not politically homeless, I'm a registered Independent voter. And I can honestly say that I will Never vote Republican for the rest of my voting life. And am wondering if moving to another state without voting restrictions and given my treatment of my voting rights from the AZ legislature would I be a political refugee from Arizona?

  2. Yes BUT. This has been the nasty position many of us have found ourselves because it was just to astounding how casually media took the FBI being used for political purposes. This was an enormous breech of faith with the American people. How many times had we been told about the importance of the FISA court? We saw Nadler, Schiff and Mueller being protected from scrutiny by the corporate media. Joe received more votes than Barrack how plausible is that? The mind was set in the direction of can't trust any of them especially as Trump was being pummeled for his Covid response while Nancy and other democrats invited people to the original super spreader events (not called that at the time as only invented for conservative gatherings). On top of it all was the big tech censorship.

  3. Thing is, guys, and I love your show – the election WAS stolen! Everyone outside the US looking in knows it. Biden has ZERO respect from around the world. I don't think his name's been mentioned once by UK politicians since he won office. He's an embarrassment. There's no possible way he could have received more votes than Trump's record-breaking tally, unless seriously dodgy tactics were employed to game the system that might "technically" not be illegal, but are certainly playing fast and loose with the spirit of the election – eg press-ganging elderly people into voting without really knowing what they're voting for; tampering with machines; miscounting vote tallies etc.

  4. Forget about Trump and his misgivings, how you could look at the media coverage for the entire election cycle and not say this is the worst case of election interference is beyond me. Trump lost by 42,000 votes, does anyone honestly think he would have lost if the media coverage was even remotely fair? I understand this program is about both sides compromising but Saager you’re working too hard to give the appearance of fairness. Trump’s accomplishments during his four years far out weighed his bad behavior. And now we’ve elected a known corrupt inept cheat so what has the country gained??

  5. Partisan election officials have wrought this upon themselves, not the people doing the audit now. Maybe if actual bi-partisan observation was done on election day people might have accepted the results, but counting in the middle of the night after telling observers to go home is fishy and deserves to be investigated. Saager, just once maybe you can push back against Krystal instead of being a simp and a fake conservative counterweight

  6. If congress had simply gone along with Cruz’s very reasonable request to take a few days to investigate the election instead of sweeping all of our legitimate concerns under the rug, then we could have put this to rest either way. “Batshit crazy” or true, we need to know for sure. There is no moving on past this until we have transparency.

  7. yea well prove it. I'm so sick of you people acting like its some kind of fact it wasn't stolen. I'd love to have more information but anytime someone suggest an audit or maybe if the courts would have ya know heard a single case instead of dismissing it out of hand and blocking all investigation .. wonder why people have doubts. + Biden has dementia