In a Congressional hearing Wednesday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul accused Biden’s Small Business Administration appointee of hiding information from the Oversight Committee on planned parenthood funding.



  1. A quote from Senator Paul Rand during a B R Institute speech.
    " I never ever cheated and I don't condone cheating but I would sometimes spread misinformation and this is a great tactic, misinformation can be very important and that's my advice, misinformation works, so try to trick your opponents."

  2. There are simply very few humans that are not corrupt morally and ethically. And it seems like only morally and ethically corrupt can even be in positions of power. Sad for humanity. What is needed is an revolution in morality and ethics as demonstrated prerequisite to hold any position that effects humanity and all life

  3. I watch these things and I see so many people being taken to task for the convoluted way that they are handling the people of this country and it's money, but I don't see it ever coming to anything. They just talk and yet nothing ever changes or happens.