Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to newly released footage of supposed UFOs surrounding a Navy ship in Southern California.

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  1. I caught a video on my way to work a black ship w triangles shapes flew over my vehicle I saw it the metal was black and had blue&green colors flashing from it, by the time I pulled out the phone it was on my left side and it looked like a ball of light that flickered and stayed still until it got lost behind the trees I finally posted the video to my channel after months of just thinking about it!

  2. Yet again in the age of all this tech we still watch out of focus movies showing nothing. I believe we are not alone in the universe. However, the idea that aliens can traverse space time yet get here and resort to spying on Human kind in such an abysmal way is ludicrous. I submit UFO means unidentified not aliens. Aliens seem to get credit for everything. All because the series Ancient aliens which has one great ability. I can not understand so aliens did it. What is more likely, some other country spying on the military. Or aliens who can traverse space but can not view a military vessel at sea unless they fly up to it? So let us agree that UFO's are not alien by definition. just unidentified.

  3. Hmm, quite a misleading title again. No video as stated in the title but two people reassessing what we already know. Another clic bait spammer. The Hill, I believe you've just tumble down in my feed. In case you do not understand, check the meaning of integrity.

  4. 2:29 "…the government has fought tooth and nail to prevent these things coming out…." That's some great journalism there. Afraid I'm going to have to see some evidence of this assertion.

    Hint: You'll find that evidence in the same closet that the government his hiding all of its secret footage of fuzzy blobs in infrared, mystery blinky lights at night, and screen shots of malfunctioning radar software.

  5. If these things are aliens I'm sure they're aware of our ever increasing interest and acceptance of them, and they either don't care if we see them or they are slowly introducing themselves to us for a reason unknown. It may be that as a species we are advancing on some galactic evolutionary scale enough to begin contact or in my opinion more likely that something is badly wrong with our planet and they're going to need our cooperation in fixing it

  6. There going to be the next thing to keep you indoors after covid, the Chinese own them and they have already told Biden you better start getting people used to seeing them so that the media can promote them like orson wells, war of the world’s because it’s coming mark my words