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  1. When Ben Shapiro wanted to debate AOC, she "refused to give in to cat calling". What's her excuse this time?

    And Herr Kerry probably goes with the "green science", but pure science says that plants need carbon dioxide to grow while filtering the carbon out and giving off oxygen. Without carbon dioxide there shall be no life on earth.

  2. "offset[ting]" carbon is a joke. You pay money for a company in Africa or India to "use" "cleaner" energy in place of the carbon you're producing, but there is no accountability to tell if any carbon is actually being "offset" – total scam and utter garbage.

  3. How much oh my God oh my God, is it on pay-per-view? This will be better than the super bowl, oh my God oh my God.hajha good luck area see I know you can wthat Marjorie she's just a conspiracy theory q and on believing Trump Liker. Where is Bin laden didn't blow up the projects, it was Trump tell the truth, Trump knocked down towaaa… What is Marjorie going to say to that? Dominion voting? Two attempted impeachments for two failures, is she going to say he propped up the racist at Charlotte damn right aoc,so hood ay it's so hard she don't like know what a garbage disposal is, and climate migrants don't make no damn sense, I thought we were worried about the farts and stuff from people, if we get a bunch of migrants we're just going to get a bunch of migrant poop, and you ask KFC about that minor poop and there's cow farts or I'm sorry not KFC, AOC, WELL I REALLY HOPE THESE TWO LADIES GET TO HAVE THEIR INTELLECTUAL DEBATE AND I KNOW BOTH SIDES WILL BE THEIR CLASSIC RESPECTABLE CELLS NONPARTISAN, THEY WILL REMAIN BEST FRIENDS DURING AND AFTER THE DEBATE SHOWING HOW TWO PEOPLE CAN SHARE SUCH DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON POLITICS, BUT YEAH THEY'LL BE BEST TO YOU AFTER WE ALL NEED TO SEE THAT, WE ARE SO DIVIDED SOME BLAME THAT DONALD, SOME BLAME THE BEIJING BIDEN, SOME BLAME THE HILLARY THE Hillary blames the Russians, she must really miss that Soviet Union things things are better back when thev Soviet Unionwere around, the heady days of the Cold war, proxy warst all over the planet, Americans dying in the jungles of Vietnam to help keep them from an evil idea in the Vietnamese whooping this most powerful military on the planets rear, so much so that the Americans dropped more bombs and more dropped by All Nations during world war II. They dropped them on the jungle they drop them on the hoochie man city, they dropped them on the way City they dropped them directly on top of the Viet Cong a couple times the Marines accidentally, they saturate bombed the jungle strip mine that mother fucker. And yet still the group with the AK coming out of the goddamn tunnel Network to kill your ass off those were the days Hillary was just really love them cold war days. She could just blame the Russians for everything Hillary did you fart no it was the Russians. She should moderate the debate between my girl Marjorie and whoever's girl misses I don't know who what a garbage disposal is yet I grew up in a multimillion dollar home with Rich parents and MAIDS to wipe my CHOCOLATE STARFISH. BUT WE KNOW SHE'S DON'T NOW ARE THEY TRUE STRETCHER, THE EMOTIONALISM OF THE POOR MIGRANTS OF THE POOR MIGRANTS I ALMOST STARTED TO CARE FOR A SECOND OH OH MY KITTEN I AIN'T GIVE A FUCK. UNITED ARC SHE WASN'T EVEN AT THE BORDER SHE WAS AT WALMART.. go Margotie please eviscerate her so completely she never shows her face again in the halls of Congress showing who you are Marjorie show him what a woman would have a brain can do Stand by Your word you know what's true we know too #trump hashtag we ain't done

  4. Those 'Green" jobs will come when the thousands of laid-off energy workers are hired to put up the several million (ugly – like in roadside billboard ugly), wind turbines that will be needed to get another 10 mega-watts of electricity for the LV Strip.